SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.62 Released

Changes (as compared to 8.61 ) include:

* SJA now supports an additional -r parameter that tells how big CHUNKS should be when copying to an empty table. The -r parameter has only effect with Data Sync jobs and is ignored with other types of jobs. This is a command line option only that is not supported from the GUI Wizard.
* GUI improvement in Data Sync Wizard clarifying the difference between syncing ‘All tables’ (existing at any time) and all tables existing at the time of building the job. It is now also much easier to select ‘almost all tables’ for a Data Sync job.
* Data Sync will now ignore differences as regards indexes on source and target tables except for the Primary Key/Unique Index used for sync. There is no need to require that all indexes are the same.
* SJA for Linux had a dependency on the ‘libstdc++.so.5′ shared library that is not installed as default on some recent Linux distros. This and similar dependencies have been solved with this build. The download size has increased but it is necessary to ensure that SJA will run ‘out of the box’ on all Linux systems.

Bug fixes:
* While Viewing Advanced Properties of table SQLyog executed SHOW TABLE STATUS with no LIKE clause. That could be slow.
* Fixed a crash when copying to clipboard from RESULT tab.
* Changed the keyboard shortcut for Save Changes in User Manager for consistency with normal Windows practice.
* Fixed a crash when deleting a row from RESULT tab.
* Invoking specific keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+TAB, Ctrl+F4) could cause a crash if a background connection thread (Schema Sync, Copy Database, Restore from SQL Dump, Back up database as SQL Dump) was running.
* Working with TRIGGERS could be very slow (in Schema Sync, backup etc.). This is due to an issue with Information_Schema. We now use a SHOW syntax that is not affected.
* Schema Sync prefixed a VIEW-name with the database name and thus it failed if source and target databases were not named identically.
* Schema Sync did not consider ALGORITHM and SQL SECURITY -clauses for a VIEW.
* When executing multiple queries the ‘execution time’ information displayed in status line was for a single query. Now we will aggregate for all queries.
* Removed result tab and profiler tab from a newly opened query tab. There is no information to display at that time.
* Find & Replace was setting the focus back to the editor whenever a match was found.
* SJA wizards were always opening up in the center of primary monitor even though SQLyog was running in another monitor.
* Right clicking on scroll bar of different windows was not popping up the scroll context menu.
* Data Sync was ignoring any table names with more than one leading SPACE character saved in job files.
* Data Sync was not allowing anonymous users to connect while reading the connection details from job files.
* Parenthesis’es highlighting inside ‘single quoted string’, “double quoted string” and `quoted identifier` is disabled now.
* Fixed a crash that could happen due to memory corruption while adding queries executed in Schema Designer to History tab.
* When updating a resultset from RESULT tab SQLyog failed to use the Primary Key alone in the WHERE clause if the SELECT query populating the RESULT tab used a table alias in the FROM clause. Updates could then fail if there were floating point columns in the resultset. Also when adding new row in such case defaults were not displayed in the GRID.
* Initialization of the program could be slow if user had very large SQLite databases used by autocomplete.
* Vertical scrolling in RESULT Tab or DATA Tab was saving the unsaved changes.
* User manager tool bar button was not working with SQLyog Professional version.
* Renaming a connection changing only LETTERCASE failed.
* The ‘persistence setting’ for ‘all rows’ in DATA tab would sometimes be forgotten.
* Importing an external file from BLOB-viewer could fail.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php