SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.7 beta 1 Released

Changes (as compared to 8.62 ) include:

* Added an option to reorder TABs using drag’n’drop in the GUI. The option is available for connection tabs as well as Query/Query Builder/Schema Designer tabs.
* Added ‘FORM view’ option (in addition to ‘GRID view’ and ‘TEXT view’ already available) for managing data in DATA  tab. ‘FORM view’ will display one row at a time and is in particular convenient when entering data from the keyboard.  Auto_increment columns are handled.  Other CONSTRAINTS must be handled by user. FORM view is an ENTERPRISE/ULTIMATE feature.
* As a consequence of the above CTRL+L keyboard shortcut will now ‘rotate’ the display mode in DATA tab like Grid->Form->Text->Grid etc. Please also see note below.
* The Query Formatter is now completely rewritten.  In principle all types of  SQL statements are now supported and all limitations with the old implementation are lifted.
* Inside ‘pseudo comments’ (like /*! .. this  .. */) “paranthesis’es matching” is now enabled. Inside plain comments it is still disabled.
* The Editor now has a ‘folding option’. Multi-line code and comment blocks between bracket-pairs, BEGIN-END pairs, C-style comment pairs (/* and */), WHILE-END WHILE pairs, LOOP-END LOOP pairs, REPEAT-END REPEAT pairs and CASE-END CASE pairs can now be ‘folded’ in/out (ie: hidden or unhidden).
* Autocomplete will now backquote table name (+ routine name etc.)  if databasename is backquoted when inserting first-mentioned after a  “.” (dot).
* There is now no size limit on files to be opened in the editor (except for available memory).

Bug fixes:

* Fixed formatting issues with text-mode if multiple multi-line string columns were displayed.
* The ‘persistence setting’ for ‘all rows’ in DATA tab would sometimes be forgotten (and it was not fixed in 8.62 as 8.62 release notes told).
* If scrolling in GRIDs is done using Scroll Bar (including Scroll Bar context menu) focus will now not change and will remain on the previously selected row.  However navigation between rows in GRID using Pageup/PageDown will still change the focus between rows.
* If more than 9 Query etc. tabs were open it was not possible to navigate beyond the 9’th using keyboard shortcuts. Now ALT+9 will select the last tab (for connection tabs same was implemented in 8.5).

A note on keyboard shortcut for changing data display modes: The implementation that “CTRL+L keyboard shortcut will now ‘rotate’ the display mode ..” is what we have selected for this beta.  The consideration is that we want to avoid introducing a  lot of ‘weird’ keyboard shortcuts for every situation.  But we realize that switching twice to achieve the desired mode can be an annoyance.  And also if you have a DATA tab open in FORM mode and switch to a RESULT tab, FORM mode will not apply here and we will then have to switch the display mode to GRID mode.  Feedback from users on what will be the best solution will be much appreciated here (more shortcuts, mode should not be global, or ..). What do users have to say about this? You can comment in this Blog or post to our Forums.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php