SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.7 beta 3 Released

Changes (as compared to beta 2 ) include:

* Several ‘refinements’ with drag’n’drop and FORMS.
* The fix for slow initialization with large autocomplete databases that was introduced in 8.62 and reverted again in 8.63 is now included again.  It has stabilized with this build.

Bug fixes:
* ‘–‘ (two hyphens)  followed by TAB (not only SPACE) is a valid MySQL single-line comment. We did not handle TAB in this context.
* The fix for formatting issues with text-mode and multiple multi-line strings in beta2 introduced new issues.  This includes a truncation of text display in some cases and a buffer violation (the latter could crash SQLyog).
* Fixed a crash while copying to clipboard from table data/result tab.
* Autocomplete could sometimes delete the character following cursor position.
* CREATE/ALTER TABLE now ignores NULL entered as default for a NULLable column.  It is redundant. Before invalid syntax was generated.
* With specific user operations in Connections manager a connection could be saved even if user replied NO the the ‘save question’. Also the connection manager now does not prompt user to save changes if only password/passphrase is changed and it is selected not to save password/passphrase.
* The FIND dialogue sometimes failed to keep focus on the FIND dialogue itself (recent fix was not complete).
* When copy/pasting from the editor we will now copy LETTERCASE as displayed (not necessarily as entered if automatic keyword CAPITALIZATION feature is ON). This restores behavior of 8.6x to 8.7.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php