SQLyog MySQL GUI 13.1.8 Released

This new release of SQLyog 13.1.8 addresses multiple bugs.

Changes in SQLyog MySQL13.1.8 GUI include the following bug fixes:

  1. With MariaDB System-Versioned tables, SQLyog was hanging when clicking on SQL Preview in the Alter table wizard.
  2. Indexes were not being displayed with MariaDB System-Versioned tables.
  3. In some cases, LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE query failed to be executed from the Query Editor.
  4. Schema Sync tool generated incomplete queries if the table contained an exceptionally long ENUM data type.
  5. In some rare cases, Schema Sync failed to sync the mismatch, even after executing the query generated by the Schema Sync tool.
  6. SQLyog generated an incorrect ALTER TABLE statement in Schema synchronization with ‘TIMESTAMP’ and integer (INT, TINYINT, BIGINT, and SMALLINT) data types for MySQL Server version 8.0.19 or above with any target MySQL version and vice versa. Though the Schema Sync will still display the difference in the schema, we now allow the data to be synced for only INT, TINYINT, BIGINT, and SMALLINT data types.
  7. In some cases, Schema Sync reported nonexistent differences in the schema.
  8. When the connection was idle for a long time, executing “Copy Database/Table” or opening a new connection using the option “New Connection Using Current Settings” returned different MySQL Errors like “Error No. 1043 Bad Handshake”. 

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