Weird – Forums post syndicated to planet.mysql

This morning I checked and to my surprise I found that a topic from our (Webyog) Forums ( was syndicated to  I am not able to understand how that could happen. To my best knowledge I never asked for it. However I do not mind personally if somebody else found a way to syndicate this particular post. It may be useful for somebody. But who owns the right to syndicate that Forums topic really? The user that originally posted in our Forums? Me? Or Santa Claus maybe? I would not do myself without the accept from the poster of the topic.

In our Blog ( we have an option to set a ‘mysql’ category for a post.  What posts appear marked with that category get syndicated. Until now nothing more and nothing less. This we manage very strictly. Only principal discussions related to MySQL and release announcements for major new releases (not betas, not small bugfix releases) get into the ‘mysql’ category.

But now somehow a Forums post got syndicated too.   Whether this is a deliberate action by somebody or some kind of systems error, I am not able to tell.  If such may happen due to some systems error or if anybody can syndicate anything there is a chance of copyright violation.

However the primary reason for this post is that I want to make it clear that we do not intend to spam planet.mysql with feeds from every post in our Forums! And we are not able to understand what happened this time.