Fix Problems Proactively with SQL DM for MySQL

Fix Problems Proactively with SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL (formerly Monyog)

In the conclusion of our blog series, Benefits of SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL (formerly Monyog), we explore features of SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL that allow database administrators to proactively monitor and manage MySQL and MariaDB servers. If you missed it, feel free to read last week’s post on monitoring MySQL and MariaDB servers.

Fix Problems Proactively with Hundreds of Monitors

SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL includes hundreds of monitors that are designed to examine the configuration and security of MySQL and MariaDB servers automatically, identify problems and tuning opportunities, and provides database administrators with specific corrective actions.

Use Advisor Rules

The Advisor Rules feature is a set of best practices that enables database administrators to monitor MySQL and MariaDB servers with confidence and to proactively manage the dynamic nature of all of their database servers over time. The Advisor Rules feature monitors all database servers. It notifies database administrators with specific instructions on how to proactively address the problems found to align with the best practices.

Automate Advisor Rules To Increase Productivity

SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL makes database administrators more productive by enabling them to automate each of the Advisor Rules for unattended, around the clock operations. The automation minimizes human errors, improves overall productivity, and lowers the total cost associated with managing MySQL and MariaDB servers.

Receive Proactive Alerts

For all the monitors, Advisor Rule violations trigger notification events. SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL sends these notifications via simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP), simple network management protocol (SNMP), the collaboration platform Slack, the incident response platform PagerDuty, and the messaging logging standard syslog. It also provides expert advice on the reported problem.

The ‘Delayed alert notifications’ feature ensures that SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL does not send alerts for insignificant events. Define that a problem must have existed for some sample intervals continuously in a row before sending an alert. A global setting for each MySQL and MariaDB server is available from the graphical user interface (GUI).

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Find and fix MySQL performance problems on-premises and in the cloud with SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL.