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Having your database developers do a mountain of work in a short time frame isn’t the best way to ensure quality results. When it comes to your MySQL databases, you don’t want to cut any corners—especially when doing so can result in costly outages.

Get reliable database backups and data synchronization with SQLyog: a powerful MySQL GUI tool that helps database developers automatically compare and synchronize schema, schedule backups and queries, and so much more. SQLyog also provides MySQL administrative support, helping database administrators easily manage MySQL and MariaDB in physical, virtual, and cloud environments.




MySQL Database Management

SQLyog is as versatile as it is powerful. With SQLyog, you can use a single tool to manage MySQL across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.


Managed Cloud Databases
  • Amazon RDS for MySQL/MariaDB and Amazon Aurora
  • Microsoft Azure Database for MySQL
  • Google Cloud SQL for MySQL
  • Oracle MySQL Cloud Service
MySQL Cloud VMs
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines (VM)
MySQL Hybrid Cloud
  • MySQL on MariaDB and Galera
  • MySQL on cloud virtual machines
  • Cloud managed databases

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SQLyog provides database developers with the best MySQL GUI for ease-of-use and streamlined workflows—whether your environment is on-premises, in the cloud, or virtual. Its graphical user interface (GUI) enables developers to automatically compare and synchronize schema, schedule database backups, and easily validate, schedule, and report on SQL queries. 



MySQL Development Tool

Compare and Synchronize Data

SQLyog has power tools designed to keep your business’ data unified across multiple MySQL databases. Compare data from source and target with Visual Data Compare, then automate and schedule data synchronization between two MySQL hosts with SQLyog Job Agent—all without overloading your databases.

MySQL Query Builder

SQLyog provides a powerful GUI Query Builder that helps you validate and schedule SQL queries, as well as execute maintenance queries. Need to see how a query is performing? Execute SELECT queries with Query Profiler.

Schedule MySQL Backups

SQLyog automatically saves sessions and lets you schedule database backups. Have peace of mind knowing your work will always be backed up and continue from where you left off.

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