MySQL Monitoring Tool


SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL

Tired of manually monitoring every single piece of activity in your MySQL databases? Database administrators don’t need to be “always on” in an age of advanced automated technology.

Get tireless performance monitoring with the power of Monyog (SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL): a customizable MySQL monitoring tool that helps database administrators effortlessly identify and solve performance issues. Monyog takes the grunt work out of performance monitoring—without overloading servers—to empower database administrators to do higher value work.



MySQL Performance Monitoring Tool

Monyog is as versatile as it is powerful. With Monyog, you can use a single tool to monitor MySQL performance across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.


Managed Cloud Databases
  • Amazon RDS for MySQL/MariaDB and Amazon Aurora
  • Microsoft Azure Database for MySQL
  • Google Cloud SQL for MySQL
  • Oracle MySQL Cloud Service
MySQL Cloud VMs
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines (VM)
MySQL Hybrid Cloud
  • MySQL on MariaDB and Galera
  • MySQL on cloud virtual machines
  • Cloud managed databases

Monyog Testimonials

MariaDB Monitoring


Monyog was designed to be as versatile as it is powerful, so its use is not limited to MySQL servers. 

Using MariaDB databases to power your organization? Then Monyog is the monitoring solution for you. Monyog can help you identify and resolve MariaDB performance issues in real-time to avoid costly server outages.


Monyog Features

MySQL Performance Tools

Empower Your Database Administrators to Be Proactive—Not Reactive

Identify and resolve performance issues before they impact your end users

Monyog conducts live analyses of production servers so that DBAs get immediately notified with real-time alerts regarding locked and long-running queries. Then, Monyog’s Query Analyzer analyzes and removes problematic queries before said queries become major problems.

Stay on top of your servers’ health—regardless of the size of your MySQL environment

Monitoring an ever-growing environment of servers is tough. That’s why Monyog’s 600+ Monitors allows DBAs to get a bird’s eye view of the entire MySQL environment. DBAs can also track and compare all changes across multiple MySQL servers with Server Configuration.

Monitor your MySQL servers individually or holistically

Need to drill down on specific metrics on one single server or a group of servers? Monyog’s Dashboard allow DBAs to customize their own set of charts so they can view the security, availability, and performance of their servers individually or holistically. DBAs can also compare and view the relationship between all registered MySQL servers with Replication.

Your MySQL Servers Need to Be Always On, But Your DBAs Don’t

Try Monyog FREE for 14 days. See how it keeps your MySQL servers running at peak performance without keeping your DBAs up late monitoring.