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How did the database administrator role change in 2022?

Organizations are experiencing the effects of rapid technological advancement across every sector and industry, causing them to rely on secure and efficient data storage solutions. Effective data management is now important to the ability of an organization to stay compliant with government regulation. It also gives rise to additional needs for protection for employee and customer data. The strategy and role of a database analyst or database administrator grows as the technology that both creates and interacts with databases develops.

One issue facing database administrators and their organizations is the increase of cyberattacks, with a focus on ransomware attacks. The analysis by IBM of the 2022 Ponemon Institute Report found the average cost of a data breach was USD 4.35 million. This is a 13% increase from the findings of the report in 2020. The driving force behind the increased cost of attacks and the value of proper data storage combines:

  • More remote workers
  • Faster and more powerful technology
  • The growing reliance on this technology

Safer and more efficient data storage solutions are going public, which gives database administrators from any sized organization access to a secure database environment.

Read the 5-page whitepaper “How The DBA Role Developed In 2022 to explore how the daily life of a database administrator has changed, and how database administrators can prepare for the future.

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