NBT Inc Monyog

How NBT inc. improved their MySQL database performance

We had a chance to speak with JaiKwang Lee, Product Guild & DevOps leader at NBT, Inc. Lee and team are responsible for managing the company’s numerous databases spread across different geographies.

NBT Inc deploys Monyog for effective database monitoring and Lee was able to share his thoughts on what drove them to use Monyog and much more.

Why Monyog MySQL Monitor?

When we began comparing MySQL monitoring solutions for our databases, we wanted to look up a few crucial features of the tools that bear an impact on our MySQL databases. Some of the key features include user’s query history, checking the real-time query history, and observing changes in resource usage of the MySQL server accordingly.

We had a chance to review a few Monitoring solutions and ended up choosing Monyog MySQL monitor.

Three simple reasons that contributed – 

”Monyog is reasonable, it was easy to setup and it is very useful for effective monitoring”

How did Monyog help JaiKwang & team to achieve MySQL database monitoring goal?

Currently, our servers registered with Monyog are located in 3 different countries on various cloud services. Monyog helps us ease the pain of complexity of monitoring various geographical data. MySQL exposes hundreds of metrics and it becomes difficult for the team to manually identify problematic queries/metrics.

This is where Monyog comes into the picture: it cuts through the noise and helps us identify the key MySQL performance metrics that bear an impact on our database performance. It’s important for my team to be on top of MySQL database performance. Monyog seamlessly helps them in their roles by gathering past as well as real-time insights for greater effectiveness.

The overall Monyog experience has been beneficial to us. For instance, the monyog web console helps me check processlists and force killing process. Also, the query analyzer was good for me to improve database performance. Using the query analyzer’s sniffer mode, we could check the information about what kind of query the user performed when and by various periods, depending completely on our specific requirements.

Monyog has helped a long way in identifying hidden issues by continuously monitoring vital performance metrics and optimize our database performance.

About NBT:

NBT is a start-up that was established in 2012. NBT has been recognized for its value and capability with innovative thinking and strong execution capabilities.

The world’s first mobile lock screen platform, ‘cashslide‘, which has been introduced in Korea, now has more than 18 million users and has successfully expanded into overseas market based on its success in China, so that ‘coohua’ we put them in orbit.

NBT will continue to make efforts to create ‘products and services’, ‘ways of working and culture’ and ‘people’ that will bring meaningful changes to the world.