MySQL Performance Monitoring

Cloud Performance Monitoring

The performance of any system is dependent on many different aspects. The three significant contributors to better application performance are hardware, workload, and optimal server configuration.

Cloud MySQL

One of the challenges of the on-premises server is that it was impossible to upgrade the server’s hardware on the fly. On the cloud, it is easy to scale up and down as required by the application for MySQL. Many organizations often consider upgrading the hardware when encountering MySQL performance problems. While adding more hardware may look more accessible, sometimes it may not solve the performance problem. Adding more hardware means increasing the cost regularly on the cloud-based setup.

MySQL Server Configuration

While adding hardware and getting better performance on virtual machine hosted servers may be easy, it may not be straightforward on managed instances. However, if you are on the managed services model, there may be restrictions related to a configuration that you can change or not change. There are few global configurations; when changed, they impact the entire server, and many cloud providers restrict access to such configurations.


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