Webyog at M|17

Meet us at MariaDB inaugural user conference – M|17

This post was first published on the MariaDB blog.

We are very excited to sponsor MariaDB’s inaugural user conference, M|17! It’s a great opportunity to introduce Webyog to the MariaDB community, and demonstrate the close collaboration between Webyog and MariaDB – we work together to provide powerful administrative tools for the fastest growing open source database.

By partnering with MariaDB, one of the most popular databases in the world, we have been able to help thousands of organizations. The products and services from Webyog and MariaDB form a joint solution for meeting database challenges as the market matures.

We develop best-in-class management and monitoring tools (SQLyog and Monyog) for MariaDB. In fact, they are included in a MariaDB Enterprise subscription. We offer quality products at an affordable price – our core competitive advantage. We consider word of mouth to be the key to our success and a strong barometer of quality. Providing the open source community with the most cost-effective management and monitoring tools is our mission, which is why we partnered with MariaDB.

While we intend to compete with enterprise solutions providers in the future, we will continue contributing to the open source community. We have received requests from other partners to better align Webyog in the interests of supporting their customers; however, we believe the best way to serve the open source community is with MariaDB.
While we have seen a growing interest from large MariaDB deployments in enterprises, we will continue to provide our world-class tools to MariaDB customers at no additional cost. Right now, we are working on a version of Monyog, optimized for MariaDB, that will include an unrivaled performance monitoring and trending system for key metrics.