Monitor top metrics in MySQL databases

How MySQL databases perform can affect your organization. For example, if your site takes too long to load or has too many server errors, it can affect the reputation of your organization reputation and lead to lost transactions.

As tables increase in size and more users come online, it becomes necessary to fine tune your MySQL database server from time to time. The secret to knowing what adjustments need to be made is to perform regular monitoring. Most databases offer dozens, if not hundreds, of performance metrics that you can assess. Tracking the most useful metrics and reviewing them in the most informative ways balances over-monitoring and firefighting unforeseen crisis.

View the educational webinar “Top Metrics to Monitor in Your MySQL Databases by Shree Nair to discover some tricks of the trade to perform well and make your life easier as a MySQL user. This webinar will explain what performance metrics need to be monitored for MySQL databases and why monitoring performance metrics for MySQL databases is important.

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