Monyog MySQL Monitor v 7.05 Has Been Released

This maintenance release resolves issues occurring with Amazon RDS and Aurora and also adds a number of non-critical bug fixes.

Changes as compared to Monyog MySQL Monitor 7.04 include:

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed a crash occurring when upgrading Monyog from Ultimate/Trial to Enterprise/Professional.
* In rare cases dashboard failed to load charts.
* In some cases Monyog could fail to analyse the sniffer and returned error “Integer overflow” instead.
* Additional InnoDB deadlock information from SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS available in MySQL 5.6+ was not displayed in Monitors page.
* Fixed an issue where log analysis wasn’t working with Aurora instances.
* RDS servers were not being detected as RDS instances because of change in ‘basedir’ variable for RDS.
* In Monitors page, it could happen sometimes that some charts were not displayed in ‘history’ timeframe.
* The ‘Minimum time taken’ -setting for Processlist-based sniffer also affected Performance_Schema-based sniffer. This is wrong and has been corrected.
* In some cases the Overview page loaded slowly if the request for checking any unresolved counters, functions or UDOs responded late.
* Login to Monyog failed if the password had any of the characters “%”, “&”, “+” and “?”.
* A few UI/display fixes.