Monyog v.8.0.0

Monyog MySQL Monitor 8.0.0 Has Been Released

Monyog MySQL monitor v8.0.0** adds support for Multi-Source Replication,  SNMP version 2 and plugin monitoring. It also adds a few non-critical bug fixes.

Changes as compared to Monyog MySQL Monitor 7.05 include:


* Added support for Multi-Source Replication.
* SNMP v2 is now supported.
* Added new Monitors for a number of plugins (Failed to load plugin list, Non mature plugin, Audit log enabled, Audit log load_option FORCE_PLUS_PERMANENT, Password verification enabled).

Bug Fixes:

* The Galera counter “Total number of bytes replicated to other nodes” now uses “wsrep_replicated_bytes” and not “wsrep_replicated” variable as before.
* The Logrotate script shipped with Monyog failed to rotate the Monyog log in some cases.
* In some cases Top-5 tables in Disk Info page were not showing tables sorted based on total size.


Overview will now show top 10 queries only for the selected servers and not for all the registered servers in Monyog.
* Overview, Dashboard, Monitors, Threads and Server Config (Compare Config) pages will have their own separate server selector.
* Now the maximum no of servers that can be selected in each page is limited. Default is 10, but the number can be configured in MONyog.ini. On most systems we don’t advise raising the value as it may increase the time for loading pages.


**earlier announced as Monyog MySQL monitor v7.1