Monyog MySQL Monitor 8.0.2 Has Been Released

This release adds support for the Aria storage engine and enables Performance_Schema support RDS Aurora and additionally fixes bugs found since the release of 8.0.1.

Changes as compared to Monyog MySQL Monitor 8.0.1 include:


* Added Dashboard charts and monitors for the Aria storage engine.
* Performance schema can now be used with RDS Aurora (version 5.6.10).

Bug Fixes:

* Monyog failed to recognize replication topology in cases when “SHOW SLAVE STATUS” returned master host as an alias name while the master server was registered with an ip address in Monyog.
* Also Monyog could fail to recognize replication topology if SSH-tunnel was used to master.
* The replication monitors stopped updating values, when slaves stopped running as slaves.
* When logging in with LDAP group users, the onboarding tool-tips continued  to display when no longer needed.
* Threads page stopped updating data once the custom query filter returned empty list.
* Monyog did not show queries starting with “SHOW..” in slow query log in Query Analyzer.
* “Lock time” column was not getting sorted properly for PS based real-time.
* Monyog returned console error for server name containing single quote(s).
* Deleting server registrations in Monyog could result in high CPU-load and IO.  This is now reduced.
* Monyog RPM installer script failed to start Monyog in SUSE Linux Enterprise servers.