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Monyog MySQL Monitor 8.0.3 Has Been Released

Monyog MySQL monitor v8.0.3 release includes some additional features for better usability and security optimizations. It also adds a few non-critical bug fixes.

Changes as compared to Monyog MySQL Monitor 8.0.2 include:


  • Option to export entire Dashboard charts.
  • Option to search tags in Server selectors.
  • Completely re-designed Servers page.
The redesigned Monyog servers page

Bug Fixes:

  • In monitors page, history chart did not plot for some counters.
  • In Firefox browser, Servers page hanged with a large number of servers.
  • Monyog failed to connect over SSH tunnel for Ubuntu-16.04.
  • If ‘show_compatibility_56’ is off for MySQL-5.7 servers “Slave_running” counter gave a false alert. It will display “(n/a)” now.


  • API added to change the mode of Real-time Monitoring.
  • Enhanced security measures to avoid vulnerabilities like clickjacking, phishing etc.

Downloads: https://webyog.com/product/downloads
Purchase: https://webyog.com/shop