Monyog MySQL Monitor 8.0.4 Has Been Released

Monyog MySQL monitor 8.0.4 release upgrades a number of libraries for enhanced stability and performance. It also fixes a crash on Azure MySQL-5.7 servers and adds a few non-critical bug fixes. Finally please note that Linux with 2.4.x and early 2.6.x kernels are no longer supported.

Changes as compared to Monyog MySQL Monitor 8.0.3 include:

Bug Fixes:

  • In rare cases Replication Overview page failed to load and a console error appeared.
  • SQLite files used by Real-time were not always deleted when they should, resulting in unnecessary disk usage.
  • Enabling the error log, slow query log and general query logs through the API for RDS server failed.
  • Fixed a crash when connected to Azure MySQL-5.7 servers.
  • Some columns were not getting sorted properly in Sniffer.


  • When stopping Monyog service, all running Real-time sessions will now be saved automatically.
  • Upgraded LibSSH and LibCurl to the latest versions (0.7.5 and 7.54.0 respectively).
  • Monyog will now only support Linux’es with kernel version equal to or higher than 2.6.32 . This is a consequence of an upgrade of our build environment necessary in order to support recent kernel versions and distributions.
  • Upgraded the MariaDB Connector/C to 2.3.3. Due to this the MariaDB auth_gssapi (Kerberos) plugin is now supported.