Monyog MySQL Monitor v8.2.0: Introducing same Y-axis scaling for dashboard charts

This release includes some GUI improvements and also fixes a few (also mostly GUI-related)  bugs. Additionally, we have upgraded most libraries used internally to the current version. This – most significantly -includes OpenSSL.

Changes as compared to Monyog MySQL Monitor 8.1.1 include:


  • Added option to have same Y-axis scaling for Dashboard charts across all servers.

Bug Fixes:

  • Query count could return negative value in Overview page due to integer overflow.
  • The History/Trend analysis chart for the counter “Free disk space” was not rendering properly.
  • The Monyog API for enabling System metrics for RDS instances was not working as expected.
  • After zooming into the real-time chart, the Query column was not getting sorted.
  • History/Trend could show wrong value for some counters – mainly string based counters.
  • In case of RDS servers, rebuild of a server’s database, restarting Monyog or using “editserver” API could stop the collection for OS metrics.
  • When using cname for RDS servers, Monyog failed to enable system metrics.


  • Redesigned Time-selector for all the features.
  • Upgraded OpenSSL to current v1.0.2l. The version used before had a few non-critical security issues. Also quite a lot of libraries used internally were updated.

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