MySQL Scalability

MySQL on Cloud Scalability

MySQL Cloud Monitoring

When cloud servers are scaled up, they perform better, but the subscription charges also go up. Often people go on a managed cloud thinking its services will be cost-effective as they do not have to manage infrastructure, but it is not always true. There have been scenarios where organizations have realized that their server cost has gone higher after they moved to managed cloud services.

One has to stay extra vigilant when using cloud services as the workload changes on your server; it has to be finely tuned in terms of the available resources. If the server is underpowered, it will perform poorly; if it is overpowered, it will waste resources. Monitoring is highly essential when it comes to cloud services.

Cloud Scalability

Some of the cloud providers have dynamic scaling features. At the same time, this feature looks very helpful until a human makes an error in deployed application code. An infinite loop can consume all the available resources on the server. If the server is configured for dynamic scaling, it may get more and more resources, eventually leading to very high subscription costs.

Every cloud provider provides metrics and a dashboard to manage and maintain the servers. When using managed cloud databases, users may get trapped with the providers if database applications start depending on cloud host-provided utilities.

It is always a good idea to have external software to monitor the system’s scalability, which affects the performance and cost of the service.


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