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New Release – SQLyog 13.2.0

The new release of SQLyog 13.2 provides one update and multiple bug fixes


Upgraded the PLINK executable bundled with SQLyog to PuTTY/PLINK v 0.77, to support private keys generated in the PPK version 3 file format.

Bug Fixes:

  1. With Azure DB, SQLyog returned an error “unknown thread id” on stopping the query execution.
  2. With Azure DB, SQLyog crashed when killing the query from another connection.
  3. When the ‘CA Certificate’ field is set to empty in a SSL connection, “New Connection Using Current Settings” and “Backup” failed and returned an error after restoring the session.
  4. In some rare cases, SQLyog would crash while restoring the session.
  5. With an HTTP connection, SQLyog crashed when you open the ‘Info’ tab on selecting the ‘Information_schema’ tables.
  6. With an HTTP connection, SQLyog closed abruptly when the option “Copy All/Selected Rows to clipboard” was selected in the RESULT tab.
  7. Indexes were incorrectly displayed for MySQL v5.1.x and below.
  8. Importing an excel file failed when the database collation was set to utf8mb4.
  9. Fixed an issue with SSH connection where SQLyog GUI could become unresponsive after switching from Read only to Edit mode in the RESULT tab.
  10. In some rare cases, the generated column’s condition was truncated in the expression field of the CREATE/ALTER TABLE UI.
  11. SQLyog failed to connect to a server through SSH with an Ed25519 encrypted private key.
  12. Fixed an HTTP connection failure issue with PHP v8.1. The tunneler file for HTTP-tunnel has been updated with this release and must be replaced on the server. 
  13. SQLyog generated an incorrect ALTER TABLE statement in Schema synchronization with datatype TINYINT(1) for MySQL version 8.0.19 or above with any target MySQL version and vice versa.

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