New Release – SQLyog 13.2.1

This release of SQLyog addressed the most requested Quality Enhancements.

These enhancements are related to hypertext connections, schedule backups, Emoji updates, Unique Identifiers, and SSL encryptions.

Quality Enhancements are listed below:

  1. SQLyog used to abruptly close on altering a table having a column with CHECK constraint and Comment.
  2. With the MariaDB server, it is now possible to create a ‘Key’ index on a virtual column using the GUI.
  3. Emojis will be displayed as it is in the ‘Table Data/Result’ tab, ‘Scheduled Backups’, ‘Copy Database To Different Host/Database’ on setting the character set to ‘utf8mb4’ in the ‘Init Command(s)’ field, under the ‘Advanced’ tab of the respective connection and in the Scheduled Backups window. 
  4. SQLyog displaying an empty HTTP Response dialog is fixed for connections through HTTP-tunnel.
  5. The tunneller file for HTTP-tunnel connections has been updated with this release and must be replaced on the server.
  6. For a column with ENUM datatype, SQLyog incorrectly interpreted the value ‘CHECK’ for CHECK CONSTRAINT.
  7. Fixed a memory corruption issue with ‘autocomplete’ that, in rare situations, could cause SQLyog to crash.
  8. In some rare cases,  SQLyog failed to import the saved connections.
  9. On selecting ‘Edit a saved job’ and selecting a job file that has a connection with SSL enabled, the ‘Use SSL Encryption’ checkbox is unchecked, and thus the connection fails.
  10. In the Create/Alter Table dialog, SQLyog generated a wrong syntax if UUID or SYS_GUID were used as the default value for varchar columns.


  1. The “keywords.db” file (used for syntax highlighting, autocomplete, and automatic lettercase handling for functions and keywords) is updated with new keywords and functions added in recent MySQL and MariaDB servers.

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