SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.4.1 released

This maintenance release introduces a long requested feature – HEX-dumping of binary data – and adds a number of non-critical bug fixes.

Changes as compared to MySQL GUI 12.4 include:


* Added an option to HEX-dump binary data in Export as SQL and in Scheduled Backup.
* In read-only mode FLUSH-statements can now be executed from the GUI as well as editor, except for ‘FLUSH TABLE WITH READ LOCK’ (as we don’t allow acquiring explicit LOCKS in read-only mode).

Bug Fixes:

* On enabling HTTP, SSL or SSH checkbox in the connection manager, the checkbox wasn’t redrawn automatically. The checkbox were re-drawn only on hovering over them or switching to another tab in the connection window
* In Table Diagnostics, clicking on Analyse executed same query irrespective of ‘Local’ being checked or not.
* Changed the row count in Data Synchronisation Wizard to use a 64-bit integer. Before this the rowcount displayed would stop incrementing at a 10-digit number.
* Import from Excel did not handle cells with multiline text properly. A linebreak became a SPACE.
* For a non read-only connection, on right-clicking on a table, the Import External Data option was greyed out even though it could be accessed from the Powertools and shortcut key.
* The ‘date picker’ did not handle dates with a ZERO-day/month/year (as allowed in specific sql_modes). In such cases current date would be selected and inadvertently clicking “OK” in the dialog would overwrite. Now nothing is selected and the OK button is ‘grayed out’ in such cases.
* Fixed a rare crash occurring when editing the password for a connection.
* Regression fix: In SQL backups an extra \r was added for every \r\n in stored routines.
* Schema Sync sometimes failed to sync indentations to target exactly like on source.

Downloads: https://webyog.com/product/downloads
Purchase: https://webyog.com/shop