SQLyog MySQL GUI 13.0 Released

Important notice: with this release we have changed registration keys. Please have your new key available when upgrading. As usual registered users will get it from our Customer Portal.

This new release of SQLyog has a lot of internal changes: our Visual Studio build environment was upgraded from the old 2010 version, we used before – what required a lot of code changes, actually – and also OpenSSL and SQLite libraries were upgraded for improved security and performance. Additionally we have added features and fixed bugs with this release.

Also note that the upgrade of Visual Studio means that Windows older than Vista (ie. WinXP/2003) and Wine older than version 2.0 are not supported any more.

Changes as compared to MySQL GUI 12.5.1 include:


  • Added an option to the ‘Scheduler and Reporting tool’ to attach query result(s) as CSV-file(s).
  • Errors returned from queries are now logged to HISTORY tab.
  • Added an option to collapse all expanded objects in the Object Browser in a single operation.

Bug Fixes:

  • An incorrect statement was generated for a TIMESTAMP column having the default value as ‘CURRENT_TIMESTAMP()’ in Schema Synchronization tool with MariaDB v10.2+.
  • When editing a saved (SJA) job the ‘Email subject line’ could become empty. Also whitespace in the subject line is now handled like in common email clients.
  • Fixed a malfunction with the progress bar in the ‘Backup Database As SQL Dump’ dialog.
  • Fixed a rare crash in ‘Export As SQL’.
  • With a very slow connection to the target database, a crash could occur in “Copy Database”.


  • Upgraded build environment (Visual Studio) and linked libraries (OpenSSL, SQLite) to current versions as well as changed registration keys.
  • ‘ROW_FORMAT’ parameter is now handled in the Schema Synchronization comparison.

Downloads:  https://webyog.com/product/sqlyog
Purchase: https://webyog.com/shop