SQLyog MySQL GUI 13.1.2 Released

This new release of SQLyog is a maintenance release implementing support for CHECK -constraints (as of MariaDB) and more, as well as fixing a few bugs.

Changes as compared to SQLyog MySQL GUI 13.1.1 include:


  • The “date picker” in Data/Result grid now has an option to use server timezone. Before only client timezone was used.
  • CREATE/ALTER TABLE GUI now supports CHECK constraints with recent MariaDB servers.
  • Added a “combo”/dropdown list for selection of Connection and Query tabs. Before with a large number of open tabs it could be difficult to navigate between tabs.

Bug Fixes:

  • Altering a table containing virtual columns could lose data due to erroneous quoting.
  • Renaming a virtual column generated wrong syntax with MySQL 8.x. Also a unicode issue with virtual columns in MySQL 8.x was fixed.
  • With MariaDB servers virtual column -expressions were not displayed properly in ALTER TABLE.
  • Renaming a Foreign Key CONSTRAINT after renaming the parent columnname resulted in an error. Also undoing/reverting a change in the ALTER TABLE dialog could cause a similar error.
  • Object Browser window will have consistent width with different screen resolutions.
  • Formatting a query with MySQL functions could add an extra whitespace before the opening parenthesis of the MySQL function, thus invalidating the query.
  • Changing password using ‘User Manager’ generated wrong syntax, resulting in syntax error, with MySQL 8.x servers.
  • A crash could occur when using drag’n’drop to create a Foreign Key.

Downloads:  https://webyog.com/product/sqlyog
Purchase: https://webyog.com/shop