SQLyog MySQL GUI 13.1.3 Released

This new release of SQLyog enhances security by introducing encrypted saved authentication details, adds support for the default MySQL 8 authentication method/plugin, adds support for new keywords and functions added in recent servers and also fixes a few regression bugs.

Changes as compared to SQLyog MySQL GUI 13.1.2 include:


  • With new connections saved by this release all passwords etc. saved in files (sqlyog.ini, XML-jobfiles, session restore database etc.) are now encrypted and not only “obfuscated” as before. Old saved connection details with obfuscated passwords will be re-encoded using encryption first time the respective connection is opened (however old SJA “jobfiles” will need to be recreated if encryption shall be used in the jobfile. A jobfile with an “oldstyle” obfuscated password will still work with this new program version). Please observe that, as a consequence of using true encryption, it is now technically impossible to “reverse engineer” a saved password to clear-text (what we sometimes have done for users earlier).
  • The “caching_sha2_password” authentication plugin (default in recent MySQL 8 servers) is now supported. This has been achieved by upgrading the MariaDB Connector/C from 2.3x to 3.0x. The same connector upgrade also solves a few rare issues with SSL and other rare connectivity issues.
  • We updated the ‘keywords.db’ file (used for autocomplete and syntax highlighting) with new keywords and functions added in recent MySQL and MariaDB servers.

Bug Fixes:

  • “Duplicate Current Row” was unintentionally disabled (or “greyed out”) in SQLyog Community edition.
  • With MySQL 8.0.12+ Schema Sync displayed an extra ‘DEFAULT’ keyword for a table having a TIMESTAMP column with a default value. Older MySQL versions and MariaDB were not affected.
  • Schema Sync displayed the CREATE VIEW query twice for Views on comparison. This is a regression bug introduced in SQLyog v13.1.2.
  • SQLyog closed abruptly when executing a CREATE/ALTER TABLE statement using the GUI interface. This happened with MySQL v5.0.x and v5.1.x server versions only and is also a regression bug.

Downloads:  https://webyog.com/product/sqlyog
Purchase: https://webyog.com/shop