SQLyog MySQL GUI 13.1.6 Released

Important notice: The 32-bit version has been discontinued from this version onwards.

This new release of SQLyog has additional features and addresses multiple bugs.

Changes in SQLyog MySQL GUI 13.1.6 include:


  • An option has been added to specify the authentication plugin while creating/altering the user. This option is available for MySQL 5.7+ and MariaDB 10.4+ servers.
  • Now, it is possible to create invisible and descending indexes. This option is available for MySQL 8.0.11+ servers.

Bug Fixes:

  • In some rare cases, SQLyog failed to connect MySQL over an SSH tunnel.
  • The saved connection names longer than 44 characters were clipped on the right-side in the drop-down list of saved connections.
  • Fixed a UI issue for a column of ‘enum’ datatype in Alter table GUI.
  • Scheduled backup failed to send an email on the successful completion of the backup in a rare case.

Trial Download:   https://webyog.com/product/sqlyog_trialregform
Purchase: https://webyog.com/shop
Update Download for Current Customers: https://webyog.com/customer