Synchronize MySQL data

Lost your work because you forgot to back it up?

Having your database developers do a mountain of work in a short time frame is not the best way to ensure quality results. For your MySQL databases, you do not want to cut any corners, especially when doing so can cause costly outages.

Get reliable database backups and data synchronization with SQLyog: A powerful MySQL graphical user interface tool that helps database developers compare and synchronize schema, schedule backups and queries, and so much more. SQLyog also provides MySQL administrative support, helping database administrators manage MySQL and MariaDB in physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

SQLyog lets you schedule database backups. Have peace of mind knowing you always backed up your work and you can continue from where you left off.

View the 33-minute video “How To Synchronize MySQL Data – Tips and Tricks to learn the ways to automate backups. Syncing data can also help you share your work across different servers. Explore the benefits of one-way and two-way syncs to maintain harmony across your MySQL databases.

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