What is MONyog Unlimited?

An unlimited license for MONyog, licensed from Webyog, permits you to distribute unlimited number of licensed copies of MONyog entirely within your organization, solely for use by your employees/consultants. Furthermore, the software may be used by your employees/consultants worldwide to monitor unlimited number of MySQL servers.

With MONyog Unlimited, you don’t end up wasting time and energy keeping track of MONyog usage within your organization. The Unlimited license ensures that everyone in your organization gets unlimited access to the best monitoring and advisory tools for MySQL.


  1. MONyog Unlimited covers single end user entity (such as an LLC, corporation, organization or government agency) identified in the registration form, including internal divisions of that entity, but not any subsidiaries or other affiliates of the entity.
  2. Under MONyog Unlimited license, the servers owned by the entity identified in the registration form, can only be monitored. The entity may not be a service provider (eg. a consultant providing remote DBA services) or utility model computing delivery vendor (eg. ISPs) who serves multiple end users.

For requirements which are not covered under this license please contact us at [email protected] for custom licensing.