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The complete MySQL management solution

We needed a way to gather, store, and analyze historical query data in order to identify slow queries and deadlocks across 1700 customer sites that were spread across 70 database servers. We also were looking for an easy to understand UI to give access and insight to our customer support staff and operations teams none of whom are formally trained as DBA’s

Miguel Santos – Moodlerooms
SQLyog – all round a great product that has an answer to every programmers needs. To maintain a ginormous database like ours, SQLyog was hands-down the only product that actually made any sense for us to start using.
Rob J Rosamond – IRIS Education/SCCtv
SQLyog is the best database management tool I have ever used. It’s easy to use, backups are easy and fast. Transferring from one DB to another is a breeze. The query builder makes life much easier. Everyone here at the office couldn’t be happier, this is one of the best choices we’ve made when deciding how to be more efficient in our sys-admin work.
Justin Hubbard – Smack3

I first came across SQLyog when I found myself frustrated by the web-based MySQL management package that I was using at the time. I saw SQLyog mentioned in a blog and thought it had to be worth taking a look at so I downloaded the demonstration version available at the time: it was around 2005.


I was extremely impressed by the software and recommended it to my employer. The software was duly purchased and employed in the management of eight servers at their data centre in the Dockland, London. The company had major changes on the horizon though and I, along with most of the rest of the developers, were made redundant a few years later.


Not to be outdone, I purchased my personal copy of SQLyog Ultimate in 2008 because I could see the value in the tool for my own developments. I only have a single server, but I occasionally create ‘virtual’ machines containing servers for testing purposes. SQLyog is a happy with a connection to the localhost, the remote server over SSH, or a virtual server – it just does the job without any hassle.


My favourite features have to be the redundant index analyser, for when other people send databases to me, and the SQL formatter, for when I dump a load of auto-generated SQL out of a module I’m writing.


Thank you Webyog for these marvellous tools – they save me hours of hard slog… and stop premature balding I’m sure!

Geoff Riley – Adaso
SQLyog really is the best breed of all the SQL administrators out there. SQLyog combines lot of tools you need to access both as DBA and Coder. It’s feature rich. I’ve been working with MySQL databases for many years. Ocassionally you come across software packages that works well, does what it’s supposed to do, and doesn’t cost a lot. You really owe it to yourself and your company to take a strong look at SQLyog
TJ Jones –
Was reluctant to move to Linux from Windows because SQLyog had set a standard and none of other linux alternatives were coming close. I crossed my fingers and tried installing SQLyog in Wine and it worked! I had my development environment on linux and I haven’t loooked back.
Douglas Phipps – Tarotopia
Monitoring downtime and performance tuning is paramount for a product that enables end users to run their own copy of tickets and their database thereby eliminating bad user experience.
Kevin Bednar – TicketsCAD
The company I worked for used other softwares which weren’t fast enough and lacked the power tools SQLyog had. I set standards there by using SQLyog as the main tool. The best feature, Schema Synchronization tool which makes my life less complicated.
Kjeld Kahn –

I’d love to share my comments on your software that I like very much! 🙂 SQLyog Enterprise is a great utility to manage our and our customers’ databases. I especially like the feature to copy a database/table to a different host, which makes it easy to keep a local copy of any database I work with, and the HTTP Tunneling is very useful, because of strict security restrictions to connect to databases of web hosts. Editing table rows in a grid similar to Excel is very convenient and saves a lot of time.

The licensing is generous, allowing me to have SQLyog Enterprise on both my main computer and my laptop and i used phpMyAdmin before, but SQLyog is much quicker and easier to work. With SQLyog Enterprise I’ll never have to use phpMyAdmin again!

Niclas Marie – TimeCenter Online Appointment

I am the owner of a Web Development Business in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Quite simply, I was frustrated with the user experience of phpMyAdmin. It was just too slow. I can’t even remember how I came across SQLyog Enterprise I’ve been using it forever, and have had no reason to ever look for any other software and I use SQLyog on a daily basis to quickly generate and manage the databases that drive the websites I build for customers.


I’d say the original selling point for me was the tunneling. I just drop a small php file onto any client’s website, and I can start working on their database, in less time than it would take to log into phpMyAdmin.

Michael Phipps – Gravity Spike
One of the nice things about this product is excellent technical support! A great product, I highly reccommened it.
Eddie Rosenthal – Higher Source Sites

Before purchasing SQLyog Enterprise I was using a certain PHP based MySQL tool. While it was adequate for the job I found some tasks were either really difficult or impossible to do. I did look at a few alternative administration tools, but many of them had the same features I was already used to, just wrapped up in a pretty program and a hefty price tag slapped on!


Then I discovered SQLyog Enterprise and I’ve been using it now for over 2 years. I’d be completely lost without it! The software is robust and extremely easy to use. I have to maintain around 50 separated databases and SQLyog just makes it a breeze! The feature I probably use the most is the database synchronization tool. When our programmer updates our software I only have to modify one set of data and then get SQLyog Enterprise to create the necessary SQL to modify all the other tables.
SQLyog Enterprise is bristling with great functionality and I have no doubt I am using many of its great features without even thinking about. The software is very logically laid out so is very easy to use. The context menus make it easy to find the required feature. All of the admin tasks that a database requires are at your fingertips from user account maintenance to backing up and restoring everything is easy to use. Did I mention the Query Builder and Schema designer? This tool has let me create AD HOC queries quickly and efficiently. I used to use MS Access to create queries and then edit the SQL to work, but now I don’t have to.


It’s great having such a versatile tool available and it has saved me both money and time. In all the time I have been using SQLyog Enterprise I have never had a technical problem with it so I can’t comment on support, but I think that speaks volumes for the quality of the software itself. I’m sure the support is every bit as comprehensive as the software! :o) If I had the time I could probably write pages of praise for SQLyog Enterprise, but all you need to do is try it now to know immediately that this is a great piece of software.

Brian Vicary – Kirklands Business Solutions Ltd

One brilliant feature within SQLyog Enterprise is the ‘Notification Services Wizard’. Forget that description this as a full-blown automatic business reporting system.

You can

  • Specify the recipients
  • Schedule the reports using MS Scheduler
  • Chain any number of SQL instructions and queries, format column header names to posh things up
  • Sit back and let the reports roll out while you’re asleep.

Currently I run 57 reports for various clients around the world. Some get them just before they leave the office (‘orders taken today’), some when they get to the office in the morning (‘your appointments for today’), some when an event requires it (‘product just gone out of stock’). As system administrator I get key reports sent to my Blackberry. There may be other programs out there that do all this (find one!) This one is fully integrated with the database and fully featured SQLyog would be worth buying for this feature alone.

Alan Crabb – Integer Group Ltd
Feature I liked the most, HTTP tunnel to connect to databases with restricted connectivity or protected with firewalls. Perfect for nerds like you and me!
Niclas Marie –

I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with SQLyog Enterprise. I am the owner of a web design shop which has rapidly moved into SQL web application development. In this space, we make bespoke systems and I manage these projects but have external resources who handle the SQL and scripting.


Recently, I bought SQLyog Enterprise to try managing the SQL between development and publishing. Honestly, I was not anticipating any success, but I am happy to say that I was wrong. I actually found that with SQLyog I am doing more than I thought possible. I am now flawlessly duplicating and moving entire web applications, most specifically, the live SQL databases with them. I am making backups, dumps and importing/exporting data as I please. I find the tunneling feature of SQLyog Enterprise to be a straight-forward and reliable means of SQL connections. It is astounding really, to say that in the past 2 months with SQLyog I have managed a dozen heavy-lifting tasks without incident. Needless to say this has relieved the small job pressure from development staff, streamlined deliveries and probably saved me pockets of cash.

Joe Darling – MondoWeb, Sydney
I bought SQLyog Enterprise because I am always the opinion that people need money to carry on developing your excellent product. I am in charge of a major database for telecommunications company. And SQLyog Enterprise has been a fantastic tool to help me to maintain this database that has approximately 186 databases distributed along fourteen blades and have another fourteen blades as slaves of the first fourteen. I am a developer of systems on multiple languages ( C,C++,PHP,VB, .NET, ASP,XML,PASCAL,FORTRAN) and DBA for MySQL and other databases on multiple platforms (Windows,Unix,HP Nonstop servers-Tandems). I am very happy with the fantastic tool that you have.
Jose Portero – V Contractor
We were looking for a good MySQL management tool we came across SQLyog and were amazed by this software so much that we bought it instantly after trying it out only for a few minutes. No lag as seen in its web based counterparts. I’ve recommened this to many of my clients.
Ram Raju – Flexible IT, Australia

TWEEK has been using SQLyog Enterprise as its primary MySQL database management tool since around 2003. SQLyog Enterprise has streamlined our MySQL database management processes, enhanced communication between developers, and become and essential part of my Project Management toolkit.


The Database Structure Synchronization tool would by far be my favorite SQLyog Enterprise feature, however the Synchronization Wizard and its ability to hook into your OS task scheduling mechanism is invaluable during the application testing/debugging phase. SQLyog is a mature, fast and robust management tool – with excellent Import/Export functionality, a Visual Schema Designer which is great for documentation and change management, and full of nifty features like SQL auto-complete that enhance its usability. I always recommend SQLyog Enterprise to anyone who is in requirement of a MySQL management toolkit.

Ray Cauchi – TWEEK

We use SQLyog Enterprise for some database administration of our customers’ MySQL databases. It can save quite a bit of time, especially having multiple queries in the Query editor and being able to execute each query individually. Let’s you step through things, and check on data as you go along.

Where we get the most benefit though, is the Structure Synchronization Tool. This has saved us countless hours. Our core product uses an abstracted database layer that actually does a good job of generating our database schema automatically. When we need to update a customer’s database to a new schema, we use the Structure Synchronization Tool to generate a difference script between the two schema versions. This tool gets it right every time, and takes minutes for a task that would typically take days to compile manually with the number of tables we have.

We tested a few other products for this specific feature before trying SQLyog and no others were as easy to use, and also give the result we were after. We almost didn’t try SQLyog Enterprise because we didn’t think that we could get the features we needed in a product that was sold at this price! I’m glad we did! This product paid for itself 10 times over the first time we run the Structure Synchronization Tool! Because it saves us so much time and gets it right EVERY TIME, we are a lot more confident in getting new features that our customers want in our software on a more regular basis. Major Update does not equate to a major pain anymore.


While temporarily contracting for another company, I recommended SQLyog Enterprise for the Database Synchronization Wizard (we were migrating some software from MS SQL Server to MySQL). They purchased a license, and once again, this software paid for itself on saved time in the first afternoon. For the rest of the project, we used it to develop database maintenance scripts, design new tables and relationships in the Schema Designer, and found it very handy for importing data files (MySQL dumps as well as CSV files) across the network.


I have already recommended it to others, and there is no reason why I won’t continue to do so. Keep up the great work guys!

Zane Francis – JX2 Technology Pvt Ltd

I first heard about SQLyog Enterprise from a database administrator that I met at a MySQL training class. He said that the tool was the greatest thing since sliced bread, so once I was back at my office I wanted to give it a try right away. The price was reasonable enough that I had no problems convincing my boss to get a copy of it to try out. Within weeks we bought copies for all of our developers.

The biggest benefit that I get out of using SQLyog Enterprise is the time savings. It is so easy to use that I did not have to spend time figuring out how to get it to do what I need done. My favorite feature is the Structure Synchronization tool. When developing new software our database designs change a lot during the design process. Before SQLyog Enterprise I had to carefully document every change and I was never quite sure if I would miss something. Now with the Structure Synchronization I am just a couple of clicks away from generating all of the SQL and DDL that I need to take my development changes live in production.
I have tried out other products, some that are much more expensive, that claim to support MySQL. So often they don’t understand the quirks and features of MySQL and I felt like I was getting my work done in spite of their tool not because of it. SQLyog Enterprise is the exact opposite. It fits so well with MySQL and keeps up with all of the latest features.


Thanks for creating this product I honestly don’t know what I would do if I could no longer use it.

Derek Binkley – National Conference of Bar Examiners
My favorite development tool, found it indespensable in my daily work.
Asa Gage – IBEC, Inc.

I have never used SQL before I tried SQLyog Enterprise. I was surprised to see that how much clear and pleasant it could be. SQLyog Enterprise helps me a lot to understand how to use SQL DB. And I am Very happy, I asked NDS to buy a license because of query builder help me to understand how to make my query.


The presentation is very clear, and I didn’t lose time to understand how to use it. The quick “filter” is very helpful to manipulate some rows. We can easily focus on the value we want to modify.

The other functionality I like a lot is the multi query tab bar. But I often have to reload each tab from a file (I always use the same queries).

Jerome Hourquebie – NDS
SQLyog Enterprise has provided invaluable database synchronization service to our technology site. maintains useful resources for industrial technology enthusiasts and SQLyog Enterprise Edition is delivering us accurate results. Anyone with minor computer knowledge can synchronize MySQL databases with this tool. I have recommended this tool to others in the industry because of great features, ease of use, affordable for small businesses and best GUI interface as compared to other solutions in market.
Naeem Ismat – Automation Media
I deal with database interaction all day long, and to be frank SQLyog saves me a ton of time and is really the reason why I choose MySQL in the first place.
Brian Hendel – Splice Digital

I don’t normally reply to this kind of inquiry, but SQLyog Enterprise has wildly, inexpensively changed the way we deal with MySQL databases in development and production. We stumbled onto SQLyog two years ago in a search through the thick slime of buggy, half-implemented MySQL GUIs that seems to cover the Internet.


The (very low) price of entry to the Enterprise edition never gave us pause. SQLyog Enterprise immediately became a vital part of our development environment. The Structure Synchronization Tool helps me keep all our development databases up to date, and makes deploying schema changes to production a pleasure. Deployments of MySQL schema changes take minutes to prepare instead of hours because of the Structure Synchronization Tool. The Scheduled Backups tool allowed us to get an interim backup solution running in production in minutes.

The index management tools and query timer have made optimizing complex queries accessible to even junior developers. The Structure Synchronization Tool allows me to review their indexing changes quickly and integrate them into the master schema in moments. Thanks for giving the world such a good product!

Ben Dilts – Zane Benefits, Inc.

First of all, I have tried every MySQL Client that exists on the market in different platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac) but SQLyog Enterprise is the best MySQL Client in the world! Now I am using Linux desktop for PHP script development and I am surprised that SQLyog also works flawlessly with WINE.

The best thing about SQLyog Enterprise is the ability to access remote servers via HTML protocol by uploading a SQLyog tunnel file via FTP, which is indispensable for me when I need to install my PHP/MySQL scripts so I don’t have to request access info for client’s hosting control panels (which is very sensible) to be able to use phpMyAdmin all the time.

The only bad thing about using SQLyog Enterprise is, you will forget about using SQL commands because almost everything can be done via MySQL GUI!

David Choi –
I can honestly say that SQLyog is the only tool in my developer’s toolkit that has shaped my personal workflow and style so that I’m more efficient, organized and less stressed. I can also say that Webyog is so relentlessly customer-focussed.
Jim Salmons – Sohodojo, Inc.

Over the years we have tried many products some were free and some were much more expensive.


Out of the bunch SQLyog Enterprise is the only one that offers us everything we want in just the one mouse click. Each release gets better too as the developers keep up with the new features in MySQL – much appreciated guys! SQLyog Enterprise is in use all day every day; its icon is in Quick Launch Bar. It is the first tool I reach for whether it is a simple query, a new view or a complete backup.


For me SQLyog Enterprise is the Swiss Army Knife of database managers.

David Goadby – Pixel-Plus
SQLyog Enterprise has been an absolute joy to work with. The database structure synchronization tool alone is worth its weight in gold! It is super-simple to have development and production servers and to keep application databases synchronized. Plus, features like the Query and Schema Designer come in very handy for our internal application development. Thanks for making a great product; I use it every day! Thanks, Webyog, for a great product & Good luck to your team.
Mark Horlbeck – STC.UNM
Schema Synchronization is the main reason i bought this tool. Saves me a ton of time! The time that can be spent working on code.
Dan Foley – Mica Media
I have tried your product for only 5-6 days before to buy it … its first program that I buy after less than 10-15 days (or more). In Italy I say “like my home!” … every time that I talk with other web-developer I suggest to use this product. Some internet provider don’t give me the possibilities to remote connect at the database but I can still do that using the HTTP tunnel

Michele Mariotti – AVX di Angelo Bicelli & C. Snc

In my long quest for a decent Front-end for MySQL, and after having tested several free and commercial solutions, I found SQLyog. I tried the free edition and soon upgraded to the Enterprise. It is a wonderful piece of software, and by far the most powerful out there when it comes to MySQL. As a developer and database administrator, I find myself having to manage a high number of local and remote servers.


SQLyog’s powerful synchronization features have made my life much easier as modifications on the development workstation get replicated perfectly on remote servers, and safely as well through SSH encrypted tunnel. With the auto complete function added in the latest release, I now type my queries much faster and always correct. Definitely a must in every developer and Database administrator’s toolbox.

Antonio M. Giorgi – Intellisan S.R.L. / formerly Omni5
I had tried other schema synchronization tools they haven’t been reliable. Therefore I was skeptical about if SQLyog would actually work. Once I installed a demo, it was only a matter of minutes and i had my databases in there, and the schema synchronization wizard worked like a charm.
Jared Fedorchuk – Stealth Web Designs
Our Hoster doesn’t allow a direct connection to the MySQL servers… as phpMyAdmin quickly proves limited, SQLyog’s Httptunneller allows us to connect to these DBs as easily as to our internal development DBs… And the DB structure comparison & update tools are very useful in a real industrial approach, too! Although we are a small French consultancy, we work with very big companies – which binds us to (very) high development standards. SQLyog Enterprise reduces the number of development tools we have to use – a quite efficient approach…
Frédéric Thu – Cabinet-cilex
SQLyog Enterprise does exactly what it said it would do. It even has additional features such as SSH tunneling as security is always a priority when transporting data between office locations. As a result of using SQLyog Enterprise, It saves us time and gets the job done; very good for productivity. Excellent product and we’ve been using it for years!
Eric Chaudry – ForceData Solutions / ReachCast (Telecom)
I’ve tried all MySQL tools and eventually ended up trying community version of SQLyog and have been using SQLyog ever since.
Rotimi Adegbamigbe

Dancing with joy… still. I have been using SQLyog Enterprise for some time now and am convinced that it is simply the best MySQL management tool ever. I have tried many different tools over the years, including those from the MySQL website; I am really in to Open Source, but every once in a while a product/program really stands out and is worth buying. Nothing touches SQLyog Enterprise for easy, comprehensive power and usability.


When I first downloaded SQLyog, I was a little apprehensive, but excited to see what it could do – well, after about an hour of poking around, I was literally dancing around the room, my wife thought I was NUTS; it had immediately solved many issues I had with different projects quickly and easily. I have a couple of web-based applications that use in-house database systems, to get that data on the web without complicated programming is now a breeze with the Database Synchronization Wizard. Just a short set-up process and the use of the integrated SQLyog Job Agent, data stored in a separate system is easily updated to the web via the supplied Tunneling Script for public use whenever updates are needed; it’s awesome! I recently had a rather large project that I converted from SQL to MySQL and the Migration Tool Kit made the job a breeze, instead of spending hours fretting over data types, complicated drivers and filters, and the sheer size of the SQL database I was converting, I was immediately able to resume work optimizing queries by quickly adding Indexes and viewing results in the Query Analyzer; I didn’t miss a step, my client was impressed and I was the hero… being the hero is always a good thing.


Scheduled back-ups are a slam dunk too! I don’t ever have to worry about keeping backups current with regard to my clients databases, they now take care of themselves, I am completely prepared for any loss of data that may occur as a result of server issues; if for some reason a table is acting a little buggy, the Table Diagnostics make identification and repair easy and fast. Need a quick report of data within a table or from a specified query to display for your client? SQLyog Enterprise makes exporting into either .CSV,.HTML,.XML or .SQL files fast so you can display or send your data to your client without delay. That works in reverse as well, if a client sends you data in any of those formats, importing is just as easy and you no longer need to spend time with complicated scripts to import data. I could go on, but suffice it to say that SQLyog Enterprise has saved me time and money and has taken a lot of thought and worry out of database management.

Mark Cloyd – Mark Cloyd Designs
I purchased SQLyog Enterprise some time ago, since then my development efforts have been fast and efficient. Coming from phpMyAdmin to SQLyog Enterprise has changed my methods of PHP/MySQL development. It has made me faster and much more efficient. Just being able to save connection details and to have the ability to jump from website database to website database in an instant is amazing.
Rich Quintal – Eyecitemedia
When I came across SQLyog Enterprise, I was using an SQL manager application from another company. It worked, but had massive stability problems. I especially had problems backing up databases on my US based servers (I live in the UK) as the connection was unstable. In addition, the product gave no feedback on its progress when performing table’s exports. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, with SQLyog Enterprise, the connection was as steady as a rock and I got full feedback, so I didn’t have to wait long periods of time for the application to become responsive when dumping out larg(ish) database tables of several hundred MB in size. This is a fantastic product with excellent support and definitely a product you can trust with your data, unlike some other products I have used.
Martin Cooper
Just a few months ago I knew nothing much about databases or even how to make them work. I was asked by a client to build them a website that could be updated by them when desired. Speaking to a friend about this, another web developer, he mentioned that a ‘must have’ for this kind of development was SQLyog Enterprise. I visited and the rest is now history. I have found it such a fantastic help in being able to build, test and control a database from my desktop, I cannot imagine how anyone could do without owning it! Whatever you wish to do with a database, don’t do it without SQLyog Enterprise! I am absolutely delighted with the product and at the price, it must be the bargain of the year. Thank you.
David Stringer – Synchronized Web Design
I bought SQLyog Enterprise as I need a simple and effective way to backup my SQL databases to separate servers as well as needing a way to get around the limitations placed by one or two of my providers in that only their servers can connect to the database. The job agent and the tunnelling ability of the enterprise edition met my needs exactly. The fact that it allows me to visually build my SQL queries as well made it the only choice for me I had never heard of your products before but a friend recommended you and I tried the free edition and it was great but didn’t meet my needs. The SQLyog Enterprise Edition did, so I was more than happy to pay for that version. Using the products has made my life a lot easier in database management and synchronization. I use SQLyog Enterprise and its job agent to backup my SQL databases to both other database servers as well as a machine on my local network.
Justin Carter – Blueyonder
I actually had never heard of the SQLyog tool before, but did a search and found the trial version. Once I started using it, I found it super easy to use and intuitive as well; I bought it right away. I have used other tools for MySQL db interfaces, but SQLyog Enterprise is probably one of the easiest to use. It is quick to connect, and the tool is layed out in such a way that I can quickly get things done. I don’t have to waste a lot of time trying to hunt around for the right functions to get things done such as Altering tables or changing data types of columns. Most things are a right click away, which is a great feature. I also love the tree interface on the left that lets you see at a glance what the data structure looks like so I can quickly find the table/column I need to work on. I found that I was able to get a MySQL database up and running in less than 10 minutes. The configuration and login process is a snap and quite intuitive. This is one of those products that should be in every Webmaster’s toolkit!
Ken Guzzetta – Sanjosechevys
SQLyog Enterprise is the only tool I need for managing databases. It’s comprehensive, fast, easy-to-use, and has an intuitive user interface. Unlike phpMyAdmin, I don’t have to go through the tedious host login in order to manage my databases. No hesitation to purchase as I could try before buying. I even found a small bug and the response to solving it was very quick and helpful. Any tool that makes development faster by providing easy visibility into how my software is operating makes me more productive. I like being able to debug my scripts by trapping failing SQL statements and testing them in SQLyog… I can also develop complex SQL queries in SQLyog Enterprise and then transfer them to my scripts. It’s a great development tool.
Les Nightingill

SQLyog Enterprise has saved me an immense amount of work. Unlike any other data migration tool out there. I work with several different online web collaboration and content management tools. These all require database integration. SQLyog Enterprise allows me to manage all the databases from one interface across my web sites and web hosts from one place. An amazing and priceless tool. The backup and copy capabilities along with quick customization, query building, and fine-tuning make SQLyog Enterprise number one with my Macromedia/Adobe toolset.


I really thought it was only going to serve me slightly and would have to use phpMyAdmin for most of the work. Honestly? Relieved. I am a visual person and a nuts/bolts person. I like to fine grain my needs but if it’s a simple operation, I want point and click simplistic. Altering a table is so crazy easy. Copy data from table to another is super easy. In a nutshell, SQLyog Enterprise makes my life easier. My time. Literally. Something that takes 1/2 hour in phpMyAdmin takes maybe 10 minutes now in SQLyog Enterprise. No kidding. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Wish you can apply your smarts to a website management tool that allows me to manage multiple websites from one place. Maybe that could be your next adventure!

Meegan A Lair – Punch IT

SQLyog Enterprise is a very practical, easy-to-use, fast application. I like especially the SSH and PHP tunnel and the synchronization and the easy way to copy a table to a remote database or to another name. I used the free version for a long time before I needed the features of the licensed version. So I knew what I was going to buy, and never I was reluctant to buy because there is so much support in the forum that I knew that problems would be solved and I felt Very Happy, SQLyog Enterprise helps me to be more productive. I had several issues in the last years and all of them solved through the forum and SQLyog Enterprise helps me to be faster and more productive.

Emile Schenk – Donauweb IT Solutions, Austria
The most useful & easy to use db developer product I have found, I thought it may be a basic tool but after using it, I came to know it is a simple and powerful tool, you can do pretty much everything and after using SQLyog Enterprise I started scheduling database backup.
Raj Siripuram – New gate services llc
I love the multiquery feature… it allows to test multiqueries for use in .Net applications. I also like the exporting of tables, the Synchronization of database structures is also great for deploying new versions of the software.
José Rubén Hernández – Banana Print
SQLyog Enterprise is an easy to use GUI tool that has helped our team to work smarter and deliver the project faster. Its features and functions can be learned with little effort and put to use quickly. My team has highly recommended this tool.

Inder Bollampally – Conin Technologies

I used SQLyog for administration of my girlfriend’s web shop (, because normally only phpMyAdmin is available for hosted websites and it just doesn’t do the job properly. But we found a hosting provider that allows database administration from a specific IP address, and were thus able to use SQLyog Enterprise. SQLyog has a simple user interface that my girlfriend can use to look at the data, even though she is not a computer professional.


I bought SQLyog Enterprise Ed. because I work as a solution architect, with a background as database and web- developer, product manager, system consultant and database administrator. Therefore I have worked with SQL server and Oracles administration tools and SQLyog Enterprise works just as well. Looking at table data is every simple and the interface is more responsive than many other similar tools I have worked with. I used SQLyog Enterprise Ed. for migrating some large Access databases to MySQL and as a fast developer and administration tool. I come from a Unix background and like to know the command line parameters to work with databases, but if SQLyog Enterprise is available I prefer it, to speed up development. My project with developing the course administration, document and record management system Portfolio ( for Learning Lab at the Copenhagen Business School has succeeded. I still use SQLyog Enterprise in my daily development of the product and recommend others to take a look at this great tool.

Nikolaj Lisberg Hansen – Olio Aps
User friendliness and security were the main concerns. Also, there is a always a perception that foreign products / or products developed by the MySQL company are given more preference rather than a 3rd party. But SQLyog Enterprise proved this cliche wrong. Earlier we were using phpMyAdmin which was web-based. So we decided to use the SQLyog Enterprise for a year in order to understand the feature it is providing. As we are still your customer from last 3 years, itself it defines that we like your product. The best part of this product is that it comes up with updated version. The SQLyog Enterprise in this year has evolved into very competive product. Better management of database and access control. Also with the latest version of directly exporting the data into excel.
Nair Sandesh – Sitel India Ltd

SQLyog Enterprise makes browsing, searching, testing, and backing up MySQL databases far easier than using the CLI interface. Its layout and UI is also a tremendous improvement over the Administrator GUI from MySQL AB themselves. As a developer who has to test complex database interactions (often through data that is updated or added via AJAX) it’s invaluable in testing and debugging.


I didn’t think that the GUI would make as much of a difference as it does. Of course the price was a consideration, since the tools I’m using now (CLI + MySQL Administrator) are free, but the performance of SQLyog Enterprise combined with my increased productivity more than makes up for the software cost. Since the tool integrates so well into my existing workflow, I felt that SQLyog Enterprise was a tool that helped rather than hindered my productivity. So many software tools require a great deal of overhead in maintaining and learning the tool that I never use them to their full potential, whereas SQLyog Enterprise is fairly intuitive enough that I was able to use it to do what I needed within minutes of installing it. I had to migrate a database from SQL Server to MySQL and the Migration Toolkit wizard made mapping the fields and importing the data easy. I also tend to do a lot of database backups and restores via MySQLdump, and being able to easily backup and restore from a menu item is the biggest time-saver that SQLyog Enterprise has to offer. Adding indexes, triggers and relationships are also just a right-click away. I’ll never install phpMyAdmin again.

Jough Dempsey – Duo Consulting
As a long time user of Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager and Studio projects I finally found in SQLyog Enterprise a way to manage and maintain my MySQL databases in an easy and powerful manner; most importantly one that was familiar to me and the rest of my IT group in case they needed to stand in for me. My immediate need was to setup backups and transfer databases to our new web server, and this worked without a hitch and saved me lots of time. I haven’t felt the need to fully explore all the features as everything I have wanted to do has been available on the first try. I especially love this product as it is available at ultra-competitive pricing and support when needed. Also since we have dedicated hosting, this works out as a more secure and lowers overhead option for us as compared to running a locked-down phpMyAdmin web-site
Calico Cook – Bastyr University

We were looking for a product that will let us manage our database servers from every location. Our sites must be really secure so the databases server is only available from the web servers. A web based tool can be used, but brings extra security risks. Besides our production servers we have a remote testing environment with only SSH access. Without using putty with tunneling there is hardly any tool for accessing the database servers. So we were looking for a secure, client side including SSH support management tool for our databases.


After we tested the SQLyog we noticed that it offers a lot handy features. Besides the “normal” functionality for querying and db actions, the export functionality is really valuable for our customers. We have got a lot of action/marketing sides with registration forms. The customers would like to have reports and besides giving them a “hand made” tool for getting these results by an url (again a security risk) we have an excel / xml export for them in a couple of seconds. Also one of the features that we often use is the migration and copy functionality between hosts. With our testing environment we often want to set things up on our live environment. So we don’t have to create SQL scripts and run them seperate on the live servers, but we just copy them with SQLyog Enterprise. Right now we use 5 licenses of SQLyog, we have shared our connection file, because we have a lot of db’s with different users/passwords so we set them up once and shared the file. We use the tool day by day and gives us as a developer all the tools for seeing what’s going on within our databases. Also the support is very good. When we decide to buy SQLyog Enterprise we had one issue within the program, we asked this in the forum and within a day there was a solution that was implemented in the next version. A very happy customer from the Netherlands.

Met vriendelijke groeten – Winfred Peereboom
From the moment I used the trial version of SQLyog I was impressed. I knew that this was one tool that was well worth the investment. I work as a MySQL DBA and consultant and it has saved me time and money. One of the best features I found, was the ability to not only tunnel MySQL over an SSH session to the same host I’m SSH’ing to, but I can also SSH into a firewall and have it tunnel MySQL to a different server. From a security perpective this is a great feature because it doesn’t require that I expose SSH on my database server. Also, I was really impressed with the database syncronization tools. There are numerous times where I have had to work on a customer’s replicated MySQL environment and this has given me the ability to do a quick check to see if everything is in sync or not. For anyone who is looking for a great, affordable MySQL tool, SQLyog Enterprise is the best and well worth the money.
Matthew Shields –

SQLyog is the most popular visual tool for MySQL. It is well designed to support DBA and developer productivity. The full feature list is too large to include here, but here are some highlights:

  • Code autocompletion to help you write queries more quickly
  • The ability to connect over SSH tunnels to remotely hosted servers
  • Visual tools and wizards to help with common tasks like building queries
  • The ability to schedule tasks such as backups, data imports, and data synchronization
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Schema comparisons, offering access to properties of objects such as tables and views
  • User management

SQLyog also has all the standard features you’d expect, such as a schema editor.

High Performance MySQL, 2nd Edition – O’Reilly
As a developer, SQLyog Enterprise has been one of my essential tools for 7 years now and has never let me down. The Powertools are the icing on the cake and set it above all other DB administration tools I’ve used.
Karim Ahmed